No single specification automatically creates a laptop screen or PC monitor better than the others.

Starting from the screen size, screen resolution, type of panel, to the kind of screen technology, all of them influence each other to compile a quality screen. Of all the specifications, some things cannot be ignored for your convenience. Just mention the use of IPS technology and antiglare on the screen.

Today, you certainly don’t often hear the terms of these two technologies. For the gadget geek, perhaps the name IPS and antiglare are no stranger to being listened to, but there are some spores which don’t understand what IPS and antiglare screens are. Come on, and now we find out about these two leading technologies, spacer!

IPS, also known as In-Plane Switching, is a type of monitor and display technology. The IPS technology is drowned out to give a better user experience, one of which is giving up better color reproduction. Because IPS can project colors closer to real objects, this advantage is undoubtedly most helpful for spiders who work as photographers and graphic designers.

The existence of IPS technology also helps user comfort because it has a broad perspective. You can see the right color and contrast when you see it from many angles, both from the right, left, up, or down. This way, you can experience a more comfortable viewing and minimize eye strain.

Because of the quality of IPS display technology, this technology has become the most popular and not least used on TVs, PC monitors, and high-end laptops. Also, IPS are also not used little in consumer electronic equipment, especially smartphones and tablets. So, when you want to buy a new laptop, look for those who use screens with IPS technology. This is so that the visual display caused by the screen becomes more comfortable in your eyes. You can test the color-depth by visiting to see the clearness of your screen. That website is providing the best quality of sports book and slot machine game.

In addition to IPS technology, make sure also to choose a screen equipped with antiglare technology. This technology helps to reduce reflections from bright light or bright sunlight, thus creating a clear and bright display. Also, even the screen with anti-glare technology can reduce wearer’s eye fatigue.

So, by using an antiglare screen, you don’t need to have to tilt the screen to the right angle to eliminate glare or squint because it doesn’t feel the impact of glare. You can also work indoors or outdoors more comfortably without the need to use an exclusive anti-glare filter that is expensive.

Considering that its usefulness is so essential, IPS and antiglare technology must be considered when purchasing a laptop or PC monitor. Fortunately, both of these technologies have appeared on the majority of Acer products.

One of them, Acer Swift 3 (SF314-54G) can deliver a spectacular visual display with a wide viewing angle and anti-glare as an attraction. You can enjoy this advantage thanks to the full 14-inch HD Swift 3 screen that has been equipped with IPS and anti-glare technology.

Swift 3 (SF314-54G) is also convenient to use in work. The article has been equipped with 8th generation Intel Core processors. Also, you can choose the processor choice that fits your needs because Swift 3 comes through three processor options, namely Intel® Core ™ i3 7020U, Intel® Core ™ i5 8250U, and Intel® Core ™ i7 8550U. Moreover, this one laptop has excellent performance because of the existence of Intel® Optane ™ Memory, so that it can quickly open heavy software or so many large files.

So, it’s clear how essential IPS and antiglare technology is for the comfort of your eyes when looking at a computer screen. Make sure your device has two of these technologies, right?

Facts on IPS and Antiglare Technology on the Screen that You Must Know!