We know that the best monitor option today is the presence of screens with IPS technology, aka In-Plane Switching. While maybe not a few know the meanings and uses presented, but not all people know that business for sure, especially regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the monitor that has this type of panel. So, let’s reveal in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the IPS screen below.

Previously perhaps the choice of a TN screen type monitor was still the best (although up to now as a more economical option), where this monitor option offered a more affordable price with the presence of many full sizes. The choice of monitors with IPS panels was still limited to higher prices and limited size variations. But now, the impact of the development of more modern and affordable technologies, the presence of IPS panels can also reach all owners of limited estimates.

When the IPS panel option can be something ideal for a monitor, not infrequently there are minus sides that are presented. For more details, let’s reveal about the real understanding of the IPS panel, the advantages presented and certainly the minus side that is still attached to this feature.

IPS screen, what do you mean by this whole thing?

IPS (In-plane switching) is a display technology for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). This technology is designed to overcome the main limitations in terms of the viewpoints that commonly appear in Nematic Twisted Display (TN) technology. IPS repairs often include high viewing angles and far better color reproduction. The transition within an IPS monitor itself usually involves the arrangement and transfer of the molecular orientation of the liquid crystal layer (LC) between the glass substrate. This is done, basically so that the object can be parallel to this glass plate.

So, what are the advantages of this screen with IPS technology?

There are several advantages that you can consider when going to purchase a monitor with this screen technology, including:

  • Viewing angle aka a better viewpoint: The first one is a better viewing angle when compared with TN panels. In other words, we can watch the IPS panel from a much more shallow angle and still be able to see what is on the screen without a bit and there is no significant color degradation.
  • Sharper colors: The advantage of being different from an IPS panel is that this option wants to bring better color reproduction. This is because IPS has more controlled and precise skills to manage the light passing through it.
  • Better contrast options: Meanwhile, the IPS panel has better contrast values than TN panels, although it is lower than the VA panel. Better contrast options will create an appearance that is presented (especially if the film) will give you the best experience.

Is there a Minus Side of the IPS Screen?

Yes, of course, there are, although not too significant. Because of the few useful features, not infrequently there are minus sides presented in this IPS screen technology, including:

  • Response Time Not too fast: Options for gaming often specialize in the fastest response time. When TN panels still offer the quickest response times, the IPS panel option is still far behind TN for this matter.
  • Price: Sometimes there are still not a few people who think of economic value at an affordable price, while the choice of a monitor with an IPS panel is still too far to reach if compared with TN panel type monitors. Even though today’s IPS panel options are far more affordable compared to before.
  • Electricity Consumption: Although the electricity consumption presented by this type of panel is not too large, the fact is that the TN panel is much smaller when compared with IPS with a difference of 15%.

So, does the monitor with the ideal IPS screen use me?

If you want something far more perfect for your monitor screen, then admittedly the option of the monitor with IPS screen technology is ideal for you. Especially if you are a designer who needs a reasonably sharp color level. However, if you want a fast monitor for gaming with a price option that is much more affordable, then TN panel technology might be more suitable for you, even though today there are no fewer monitors with IPS display technology that already has a response period below 5ms.

Well, he glimpsed the advantages and disadvantages of the IPS screen that might work for you when you are planning to purchase a monitor (or maybe some) with IPS display technology. If you are interested in IPS monitor options, then you can see the complete arrangement here (and help us too). Maybe useful.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IPS Screens on a Monitor