A desktop computer can not be separated from the monitor to spread the charm of how beautiful the digital world is. And when you are looking for the ideal choice, we present below the right choices ranging from the most affordable to the highest prices.

Many great monitors exist, but many of us find it quite difficult to determine the best choice, not only from the display performance offered but also the right price value. Whether you plan to use this device for gaming, graphics, and so on, some of the options below can be the main consideration for getting started.

1. The Best Budget Monitor Below 1 million: ASUS VS197DE


If your needs basically do not require a large monitor choice and you feel that the choice of HD resolution is also sufficient, then the presence of ASUS VS197DE is really worthy of your consideration. Although this option is not fancy (hey, what else do you expect for a budget monitor), but it can provide an excellent, tough, and ideal display for all your simple needs.

The good thing about this monitor option is that the contrast ratio is quite high, so it can optimize image quality and ideal colors. This approach extends to a sturdy position and slim profile without reducing the force in ensuring stability and durability. In addition, this monitor option is very user friendly, and even it has a standard VESA wall mount and Kensington security lock and D-sub connectivity options. Remarkably, ASUS provides a long warranty on this monitor for a period of 3 years.

2. 22 “Best Budget Monitor: LG 22MT48AF


Well, the excellent size for a monitor today is 22 “, and if you want to get the best quality, design, and affordable prices, the LG 22MT48AF deserves primary consideration. With a price range of around 1.4 million, the LG 22MT48AF has a pretty special choice. With the support of IPS panel technology, you will certainly be presented with a choice of monitors with an excessive angle of view and sharp image quality. In addition, the power of resolution with a maximum of 1920 × 1080 is certainly a sweet spot for everything you present on this monitor, whether for gaming, multimedia, or graphics. Remarkably, this monitor option already has a USB Autorun feature, which is a practical way to provide a much better value. Moreover, the connectivity options on this monitor are quite complete with the presence of D-Sub, HDMI, and USB.

3. 24 “Best Budget Monitor: Samsung LS24F350FHEXXD

Samsung LS24F350FHEXXD

If you want something that is quite luxurious with a much wider size, then the choice of a 24 “monitor is worthy of primary consideration. And if you are still confused to determine which is the most ideal, between quality and the right price choice, then the presence of Samsung LS24F350FHEXXD is really very worthy as the main choice. With a price range of around 1.9 million, you will get a monitor with a sleek design and a very widescreen. In addition, the presence of AMD FreeSync technology provides the perfect value as the best budget monitor option under 2 million. Although it is still limited to HDMI and D-Sub connectivity options, I think that is enough to present excellent image quality, especially since the presence of the PLS panel is quite beneficial for budget users. With the maximum Full HD resolution, you can enjoy every picture that is present. Moreover, this monitor already has a view angle level of up to 178 °.

4. Best Budget Gaming Monitors Under 2 Million: Phillips 223G5LHSB / 69

Phillips 223G5LHSB / 69

If you really focus on the world of gaming that requires speed, as is usually present in FPS gaming, then you need to have a choice of monitors with very fast response rates. When your budget is really limited, but still wants to have a choice that can meet all those needs, the presence of Phillips 223G5LHSB / 69 is the answer. With a price range of around 1.6 million, you will be presented with a fast gaming monitor with a response rate of just 1 ms.

Moreover, the choice of monitors with TN panels already supports Flicker-free technology, where it applies an excellent solution to adjust brightness and reduce flicker for a more comfortable display. This Full HD monitor also has pretty good connectivity with two HDMI and VGA ports. Moreover, it offers several choices of modes for gaming, such as “FPS”, Racing “and so on.

4 Best Budget Monitor Options for Desktop PCs